April 2019 Update

Building Purchase Complete – The building purchase for Northwest Baptist is complete! Pastor James now has the keys to a large three-story house in the city centre that will work great for church meetings as well as a pastor’s apartment. This is the culmination of almost four years of prayers, giving and work. This will be a huge benefit to the longevity of the church enabling them to no longer pay rent, to provide accommodation for their pastor and to have a permanent base and ground floor meeting room.

Renovation Plans Underway – Plans are now well underway to renovate the building and prepare it for use. We are grateful that the Lord has already provided funds that will help with much of the work that needs doing. If there are any gifted volunteers who would want to help with any of the building works, please let us know. We hope to have the building open and ready for use by September. Please pray for wisdom for James especially as he oversees this new endeavour. And please accept our deepest thanks and gratitude for supporting and praying for this project. It is genuinely nothing short of a miracle the way the Lord provided the money and the right building at just the right time!

Furlough Preparations – A lot is happening at Downham Baptist Church in London as well. We are trying to do our best to prepare the church for our furlough/sabbattical which is coming up in just about 4 months. We have made good progress on various improvements to the church building as well as working to meet more of our legal requirements as a registered charity. We are also continuing to work at developing, training and delegating more responsibility to the members of the church.

New Sermon Series – We have begun a new sermon series on Sunday mornings through the book of Exodus which has been a blessing. We are also teaching a ‘Why?’ series on Sunday afternoons looking at why we do and believe many different things as Christians and a local church.

Gospel Fruit – In conclusion, I would like to ask you to continue to pray for the new people who have been coming. Several are wanting to start Foundation discipleship, and several have recently finished. I was encouraged recently to hear of a young man who got saved a few years ago at the youth camp we helped to host. I did not know he got saved at the time, but it is great to hear how the gospel continues to bear fruit!

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