In That Day – Isa 27

The song ‘What a Day That Will Be’ talks about how wonderful it will be when we see Jesus and stand before him. Isaiah 27 uses the phrase ‘in that day’ three times to talk about what will happen in the final ‘day’ and it is quite exciting:

  • v.1 The Lord will punish Leviathan, the serpent, who pictures all that is evil, probably referring to Satan who will be punished in the end. How wonderful to know that one day Satan will be bound and cast into the lake of fire, no more to tempt and deceive!
  • v.2-11 The Lord will bless Israel after a time of purging and discipline. As God’s ‘vineyard’ (see Isa 5) they will once again become fruitful and protected by God. The fact that God will keep His promises to Israel assures us that He will keep His promises to us as well. We go through times of chastening and discipline, but they are only to make us more fruitful.
  • v.12-13 The Lord will regather His people. One by one, the outcasts and those ready to perish, will come to Jersualem where they will worship the Lord in the holy mount. Finally, God will rule and reign over the earth. The whole earth will worship Him, and He will get the glory He deserves.

The future is very bright for those who believe on the Lord. Jewish believers will find hope, help. and blessing. All believers in Christ will have wonderful promises that will be fulfilled in the end.

The challenge is for us to live in light of the promises, and to tell the world how they too can be part of this glorious kingdom.

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