Keep Trusting & Hoping – Jer 52

Sometimes God’s promises and God’s truth takes a very long time to be fulfilled. Waiting on fulfillment can be hard and discouraging. Discouragement can lead to doubt.

Such was the situation during the days of Jeremiah. He prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem, but the walls seemed just as secure as they had always been. He prophesied return and rebuilding after the destruction, and that would seem equally impossible.

Yet, Jeremiah 52 helps us see that what God says will happen. The walls did fall. The city was burnt. The valuables were taken. The people were exiled. And all the doubters were wrong!

The chapter ends with hope. Jehoiachin king of Judah was exalted to a position of relative freedom and provision (v.31-34). He is like the firstfruit of those who would return. His good fortune inspires hope in others.

Are you discouraged by the contrast between God’s promises and your circumstances? Don’t give up! You can believe God’s Word. It may take time, but it will all come to pass! Keep trusting God’s Word and keep hoping in God!

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