The Awful Consequences of Sin – Lam 1

Jerusalem was the greatest city in the world. She was full of people. Jewish people and God-fearers would come from all over the world to worship God there. The beauty and prosperity of the city were beyond compare.

But now, that once-prized city has become desolate and there is no one to comfort her. You see, the destruction has come at the hands of Jerusalem’s God. He allowed Babylon to invade and destroy her. Now, there is no one to turn to, because the One they always turned to before – God – is the one who has afflicted her (v.12).

This chapter and this book show just how far sin will take a city, a nation, and a person. Everything that happens to them was foretold by God in Deuteronomy 28. And though it took a long time and God was merciful for many years, eventually all the curses of sin came upon them.

As you picture in your mind’s eye the city of Jerusalem, consider where sin will take you. It will rob you of so many blessings. It will bring a curse upon you. It will cause pain, separation, regret, aloneness, and great sorrow.

Learn the lesson of Jerusalem. Don’t turn you back on God. Don’t ignore His Word. Lest one day you find yourself alone, afflicted, and reaping the terrible consequences of sin.

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