King Over All the Earth – Zech 14

And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: In that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one.” — Zechariah 14:9  

Zechariah finishes where the whole story of human history will finish – with Christ on the throne, ruling from Jerusalem, over all the earth. The first Adam lost his dominion over this world in the garden, and so the last Adam, Jesus Christ, will come to reestablish that dominion and universal worship of God.

Many things will take place in the world to make this possible including:

  • All nations gathering against Jerusalem (v.1-2).
  • The Lord come back to defeat these armies (v.3).
  • The Lord splitting the Mount of Olives so Israel can escape (v.4-5).
  • Changes to the land and the climate to exalt Jerusalem and provide perpetual water (v.6-11).
  • Destruction of Jerusalem’s enemies (v.12-15).

The end result will be that all will be required to come and worship Jesus Christ, the King in Jerusalem (v.16-19). And everyone everywhere, from the horses to the temple to the houses, will proclaim “holiness unto the Lord.” Finally, the Lord will receive the universal worship He deserves.

This is the day that we are looking forward to as followers of Jesus. This is the day the unbelieving worship dreads and denies. But just as God’s Word was completely accurate about the first coming of Christ, so it will be completely accurate about the second.

Christ is coming and He shall be King over all the earth!

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