Let Everything That Breathes Praise the Lord – Ps 150

Psalm begins with ‘Blessed is the man’ and ends with ‘Praise ye the Lord.’ This is a fitting way to close about an inspired book of praise, prayer, and worship. The whole purpose of our lives and of our worship is to magnify and lift up the LORD God who is worthy of all of our praise.

We should praise the Lord for the things He does (‘mighty acts’) and for who He is (‘excellent greatness’). And we should use music to praise the Lord. In heaven, many musical instruments will be used to evoke praise and honour to the Lord. The real purpose of music is not to control man, not to magnify humans, but to exalt God. Music is a tool that was first and foremost designed to praise God.

And the book ends as eternity will begin – with everything that has breath praising the Lord. And we too, who have breath, should praise the Lord today.

Lord God, I magnify and exalt Your name. You are truly great and glorious. You have done great things. You are worthy of my praise. Help me to praise You today!

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