Wisdom for All People and Every Situation – Prov 1:1-9

God’s Word contains wisdom for all and wisdom for everything. Not only do we find laws and instructions about God in the Bible, but we also find proverbs that guide us in applying God’s truth to every aspect of our lives. As the book of Proverbs tells us, it is written:

  • To know wisdom and instruction – helping us know what is the wise thing to do.
  • To perceive the words of understanding – giving us the ability to discern the words that are words of understanding and those that are not.
  • To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, judgment and equity – this is not just hearing, but actually accepting truth into our lives so we can live it out.

All of this teaching and truth and wisdom is for all people:

  1. v.4 The simple (naive) person needs subtilty (cleverness, to skill up in how to live their life for God).
  2. v.4 The young person (inexperienced) person needs knowledge and discretion (wise planning).
  3. v.5-6 The wise man need to hear and to keep increasing in learning and more wise counsel.

All of these individuals, both simple, young, and wise need to begin with a fear of the Lord (v.7). The most basic and foundational truth is to have a profound respect and reverence for God and His Word. With this foundation securely in place, all of us can then begin to grow in knowledge, understanding, and skill in applying God’s Word to every aspect of our lives.

So at whatever stage of life we find ourselves, God’s Word has much to offer us. And no matter how much knowledge, experience, or skill we have, we never grow past fearing the Lord, loving Him, serving Him, and a personal relationship with Him. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge!

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