Man’s Best Is Not Good Enough – Eze 27

The city of Tyre was known far and wide for her wealth and might. A trading city, Tyre conducted business with nations around the world. Everyone was impressed with the city of Tyre. How shocking it was when they all found out that Tyre fell! Like the mighty Titanic, the once-proud “ship of Tyre” sunk, never to rise again.

The fall of Tyre vividly illustrates that “…every man at his best state is altogether vanity” (Ps 39:5). Tyre had all that this world could offer. Tyre had accomplished much by human standards and was the model civilisation.

Yet Tyre was spiritually bankrupt. From God’s standards, there was nothing good in Tyre that she should be spared. Her pride and Godlessness were all that God could see.

What are we building and trying to accomplish? Are we trying to do something that exalts us and make us look good? Or are we labouring for the Lord and His glory? What we do for God will last. What we do for ourselves will fall and fail.

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