The Fall of Mighty Tyre – Eze 26

North of Israel, the city of Tyre celebrated Jerusalem’s downfall along with the nations to the east (Eze 25). But, like the Ammonites (Eze 25:3), they laughed and rejoiced over the wrong people.

They failed to understand that Jerusalem was God’s city. It was the place where God chose to put His name. It was being chastened, but the Jews were still His people. To laugh at them was to laugh at God. To despise them was to despise God.

So, God promised to bring Tyre low. He would break down their great city to the point that it would just be a bunch of rocks and a place to dry fishing nets. Everyone who benefited from Tyre’s trade would be shocked and broken to hear of her downfall.

A few lessons we can learn from this:

  1. It is never wise to rejoice when others fall. Prov 24:17 says to not even rejoice when our enemy falls. Even when someone falls through sin, we must realise that we too are sinners as well. God doesn’t even take pleasure in the death of the wicked.
  2. Rebellion against God will not bring judgment. Tyre refused to acknowledge God and His people. They refused to show respect and honour to the true God and eventually they were judged. All rebel against God will be brought low one day.
  3. No one is too high or too powerful for God. Tyre was a mighty city, consider impenetrable. But God has a long history of doing the impossible. No one should consider themselves beyond the reach of God’s justice. Humble yourself under God’s hand while there is time.

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