No Cure Apart from God – Hosea 5

Hosea 5 is a very sad chapter that describes the destructive impact of sin on Israel. It shows us what happens when we forsake the Lord and go our own way.

  • v.1 We ensnare ourselves and set a trap for our own soul.
  • v.2 We ignore God’s rebuke and as a result, bring slaughter upon ourselves.
  • v.3 We become defiled.
  • v.4 We become blinded by sin and nothing will turn us back to God.
  • v.5 Pride brings about our fall.
  • v.6 When we try to see the Lord, we find that He has withdrawn Himself because we have resisted Him for so long.
  • v.7 Our sin is like a betrayal of the Lord and produces strange children.
  • v.8-12 God will then bring wrath and corruption upon us.
  • v.13-15 God will make sure that all our attempts to find healing and help in other sources.
  • v.15 God is waiting on us to genuinely acknowledge our sin, to seek Him face, and to find His salvation.

What a lesson in how far sin leads us! So much of the pain and the sorrow we experience in life has to do with our sin and the sin of others. Of course, we cannot do anything about what others do to us, but we can learn to forgive and find grace in the Lord to overcome.

How are we allowing our sin to enslave and destroy us! Where are looking for help and hope? Only Jesus is the answer. We must come to Him in repentance and faith if we want to be free and to live.

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