Not How It’s Supposed to Be – Hosea 6

We live in a wicked world, surrounded by brokenness, selfishness, pain, violence, and lewdness. Our world is not much different than Israel was during the days of Hosea.

  • Even their goodness was corrupt. It was short-lived, like a morning cloud or early dew (v.4).
  • The message of their prophets could only be one of judgment (v.5).
  • They were going through the motions of sacrificing and worshipping God, yet it was devoid of real mercy and true knowledge of God (v.6).
  • They had broken their covenant with God (v.7) and polluted their cities with sin and bloodshed (v.8).
  • Their priests were like troops of robbers, murdering and committing lewdness (v.9).
  • What was happening was horrible (v.10). They love anything and anyone but God.

The tragedy of the spiritual condition of Israel was that this was not how God wanted it to be.

  • If they would only turn to Him with all their heart, He was prepared to heal them and bind up their wounds (v.1).
  • He wanted to revive them and raise them up so they could live (v.2).
  • He wanted to refresh them like the spring and winter rains (v.3).
  • He wanted to give them a great harvest or blessing and return them from their captivity (v.11).

How sad that so many in our world miss out on God’s mercy, healing, reviving, blessing, and freedom because they won’t really turn to Him! They cling on to old sins and old patterns of insincere worship. They try to come to God their own way and not through Jesus.

Have you come to God the right way? Don’t miss out on what He offers. Turn to Him; believe on Him; forsake your sin and live!

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