Not Deceived – Isa 36

Isaiah 36 contains the arrogant boasts of Assyria’s commander Rabshakeh. Assyrian has just wiped out all of Judah’s defenced cities and only Jerusalem remains. They are ‘pumped’ and believe that no one can stand in their way.

So, Rabshakeh loudly proclaims to the representatives of Hezekiah, king of Jerusalem, and all those listening on the walls that nothing will stop them. He tells them not to trust in Egypt, not to trust in God. He tells the people not to let King Hezekiah deceive them into thinking that God can deliver them.

But, the one who is deceived is Rabshakeh and the nation of Assyria, not Hezekiah and the people of Judah. He is deceived in thinking:

  • that the God of Judah is like the gods of the other nations (v.18-20)
  • that the God of Judah is worshipped in the high places that Hezekiah removed (v.7)
  • that the God of Judah has actually told Assyria to come up against Judah (v.10)

How arrogant and how niave!

We see in this encounter similarities to what we face each day. Each day, our enemie wants to lie to us and make us think we are deceived. That we are foolish to trust in the Lord, that our God is no more powerful than other gods, and that we cannot win.

But the one who is really deceived is our enemy. Satan and all those who follow Him will fall and fail. Our God will win. No weapon formed against Him will prosper. And those who trust in the Lord will be saved.

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