We Know the Final Score – Isa 34-35

Imagine you are watching the world cup. Your team is playing. You are stressed and worried because is looks like they are going to lose. But then you realise, you are watching a recording and you have already heard from a friend that your side wins. Suddenly, you don’t feel so stressed because you know who wins in the end.

God’s Word contains the final chapters. And the end of the story of all of this world is that God’s enemies are defeated and He wins! That is the message of Isaiah 34 and 35.

Isaiah 34 talks about a final battle to which all the nations of the earth are invited. In this battle, God pours out his indignation and fury on the armies of the world. There is a great slaughter like a great sacrifice. The reality of this final judgment on all those who rebel against God is terrifying. And it is certain (‘none of these things shall fail’ Isa 34:16).

Isaiah 35 then describes a time of incredible blessing and prosperity for the land and the people. The dry places will blossom and be fruitful. The people who trust the Lord will be strengthened and no longer afraid. The physically infirm will be healed and whole. All the earth will come to worship the Lord in safety. It will be a time of everlasting joy.

What a wonderful future for those who trust in the Lord! What a terrible future for who rebel against the Lord!

We know the final score. We know that God wins in the end. We should live differently because we know the final chapter. We should warn the wicked and rejoice in the hope of future blessing.

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