Our Emotions Reveal Our Heart – Psalm 137

This is a deeply emotional Psalm. It is written in the context of being captives in Babylon. In it, weeping, singing, yearning, and anger are all mentioned. These are all strong emotions that show what is going on in a person’s heart. Warren Weirsbe in his With the Word Commentary says this Psalm can serve as an inventory of our spiritual life with the following four questions:

  • What makes use weep? (v.1)
  • What makes us sing? (v.2-4)
  • What makes us yearn? (v.5-6)
  • What makes us angry (v.7-9)

The Israelites were weeping and count not sing because they missed home. They longed to go back and they were angry with those who conquered them. Missing from the Psalm is mention of their sin which caused their situation, weeping over that sin, and longing for God’s presence.

Our deepest emotions often reveal what we really value. Wouldn’t it be great if they revealed a heart of love for the Lord, His glory, and His righteousness? Wouldn’t be better if the things our emotions revealed was a heart breaking for the lost around the world who need Jesus! What is in your heart? What is coming out through your emotions?

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