Give Thanks for God’s Enduring Mercy – Ps 136

Probably an antiphonal Psalm (one part sung by one group and the other part sung by a responding group), this Psalm is all about giving thanks to God for all that He did in creating the world, in redeeming Israel, and in feeding all flesh. Each aspect of God’s grace is expressed followed by the repeated phrase, ‘for his mercy endureth for ever.’

As that phrase is repeated, it reminds us that everything God did for Israel and does for us is due to His mercy. He does not give us what we deserve. He is gracious and merciful. He holds back and continually shows grace to those who trust in Him. And that mercy is not something that is ever going to change. Those who accept HIs promises and believe on Him are eternally secure and eternal recipients of the mercy and grace of God!

This is an amazing truth and one that we should praise God for. He is the Lord, the God of gods, the Lord of lords, and the God of heaven. He has done great wonders, and we praise and thank Him for doing them out and showing us His great, eternal mercy.

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