Our God Is Alive! – Ps 115

This Psalm reminds us of some very important truths:

  • v.1 Only the Lord is worthy of glory, especially because of His mercy and truth.
  • v.2-3 When the heathen ask where our God is, we can tell them that He is in the heavens and does what He pleases.
  • v.4-7 He is a living God who speaks, sees, hears, smells, touches, and walks unlike dead idols who do none of those things.
  • v.8 All who trust in idols are spiritually dead and powerless just like their idols.
  • v.9-18 We should trust in the Lord and praise Him because He is a help and shield to us and will bless us.

How wonderful to know that we serve a living and true God, a God who hears us, sees us, knows us, and bless us!

Don’t believe the scoffing of those who don’t believe in God! Our God is alive and in the heavens. He can do anything He wants. So let us trust Him, praise Him, believe Him. He will be a shield and help to us. He will bless us and care for us.

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