Tremble at the Presence of the Lord – Ps 114

The Bible Knowledge Commentary says the following about Psalms 113-118:

Psalms 113–118 form the Hallel, a collection of songs sung at the great festivals of Israel—Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles—as well as on other holy days. At Passover, for example, Psalms 113–114 were sung before the meal, and 115–118 after it.

As the nation of Israel observed the Passover meal, they were remember God’s power and God grace.

In Psalm 114, four different historical events are mentioned as reason for the whole earth to tremble in respect and awe of God:

  1. The parting of the Red Sea
  2. The parting of the Jordan River
  3. The shaking of the mountains
  4. The miracle of water from a rock

The Psalmist asks rhetorical questions of the sea and the mountains that parted and trembled. Why did you tremble? The obvious answers is – the power of God.

The application for us is to stop and remember all the mighty works of God, to tremble as we consider how powerful He is, and to believe in Him. Do we believe tat God can do mighty works again? Do we tremble at His mighty power?

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