Reconciliation & Renewal – Song 6-7

After a period of separation and difficulty in their relationship, Solomon and his wife are reconciled. There has been a coldness and a distance, but now there is warmth and closeness. She has been ‘looking’ for him, but she has known all along where He is, so the real issue was emotional distance not physical (6:1-2).

Despite the difficulties, she is still secure in the fact that she is his and he is her’s (6:3). Real love relationships cannot be based upon experience and emotion but upon commitment and promise.

As they are reunited, he pours out great praise upon her, saying she is overwhelmingly beautiful (6:4-5), reminding her that he still sees her the way he did before (6:5-7), that she is one of a kind (6:8-11). Their love is growing again (6:11-13). He continues to praise her (7:1-9), and she responds to Him (7:10-13).

This is a story of love rekindled and burning brighter than before. It give us hope that broken relationships can be reconciled and renewed. It also points to the love God has for us. When we turned away from Him, He never stopped loving us. He came seeking us. He loved us while we were yet sinners, and He welcomes home all who repent and believe on Jesus. We can have sweet fellowship with God once again, and we can know that we are His and He is ours.

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