July 2019 Update

On June 30th, we celebrated 15 years of ministry in the United Kingdom. Then on July 6th, Teri and I had our 17th wedding anniversary! I am so thankful for God’s faithfulness and your prayers and support over the years.

As we prepare to go on furlough, things have been quite busy. At Downham Baptist Church, we are finishing several building and ministry projects, as well as seek to keep equipping and training the members for ministry.

I have enjoyed preaching through 2 Timothy which has contained some very timely teaching for our church. Also, I have been teaching some doctrinal lessons to the church seeking to ground them in sound doctrine. Please pray for the church to grow stronger through this time of transition and change. It is very hard saying goodbye, but we know they are in the Lord’s hands and care. We are very grateful for Chris and Sherry Waye being there to lead the church in our absence.

God continues to bless the work at Northwest Baptist Church in Derry, Northern Ireland. The building renovations are coming along with a new heating system and new windows being installed. The electrics are due to be replaced within the next few weeks, and then there will be some damp proofing and finally the finishing of the walls, ceilings and floors. Will you please pray that all this can be completed by the end of September so the church can move in and begin having services in the new building?

I am very grateful for the opportunity we had to meet some new people from Downham this past weekend at our community BBQ. Please pray for the gospel seeds that were sown to bring forth fruit. 

Finally, pray for God to work in the hearts of young men who want to preach the Word of God. Our main priority is training men for ministry, and we are asking God to raise up men who desire to preach His Word.

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