Remember Us, O Lord – Lam 5

Lamentations 5 shows us just how low sin will take us. It leaves people hungry, empty, violated, enslaved, tortured, and joyless. Of course, sin promises much more than this, but this where it eventually takes us.

The people of Jerusalem acknowledge their difficulty and the sin that brought them there. And then they do what so many fail to do, they call out to the Lord. They ask Him to remember them and consider them (v.1). They admit that God is eternal and sovereign (v.19). They ask Him to turn to them and save them (v.21). They ask Him to turn away His wrath from them (v.22).

Though decimated by sin, there is hope for Jerusalem. Their king may be deposed, but the King of kings never is. Their walls may be destroyed but there is always safety in the Lord. Their people may be enslaved but God’s truth sets all men free.

Look to the Lord. He knows and sees and hears. He will remember His promises to forgive all who call. He will be merciful to those who repent.

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