Visions of God – Eze 1

Ezekiel begins with an awesome vision of God and His glory (v.1,28). Ezekiel is one of the captives in Babylon. He is going to be one of God’s prophets. But before he goes out to do God’s work, he must be convinced of who God is and how glorious God is.

There is such a great lesson in this for us. We must continually be aware of who God is, His glory, His greatness, His holiness, His omnipotence, and omniscience. This knowledge fuels all our service for Him.

Practically speaking, it teaches us to get alone with God and get ahold of His glory once again in His Word before we go out and seek to serve Him. His glory motivates us to keep going even when others try to intimidate us. His glory is the reason we serve!

Ezekiel’s response in v.28 is the appropriate one for all of us when it comes to the glory of God – fall on our faces and listen to the voice of God. May we start this day with reverence and awe of the great God of heaven. He is God and He has work for us to do!

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