Resting on the Lord’s Promises – Psalm 132

David really wanted to build a permanent temple for the Lord. Though God gave that privilege to David’s son Solomon, God did promise David in 2 Samuel 7 that his descendants would reign on his throne forever. This covenant was something that sustained the nation of Israel through times of oppression and exile.

We see all of this being referred to in Psalm 132 as Israel asks the Lord to remember David and the promise He made to him. They remind God that He promised to dwell in Zion forever. They look forward to the day that the ‘horn of David will bud’ and they rested in ‘the lamp’ that God ordained for his anointed (v.17). An animal horn symbolises strength and vigour and this meant that the strength of David and his kingdom, though broken off, would grow back and become strong again. The lamp is talking about the fact that God’s promise to His messianic ruler will never go cease.

Certainly, this looks forward to Christ. He is the son of David. He has already come to deal with sin and is coming back to set up His kingdom in Jerusalem, to rule and to reign, and to fulfill all the promises God made to David.

The lessons for us are:

  • When God makes a promise, He will fulfil it, no matter how impossible it may seem.
  • When we pray, we can rest on God’s promises and remind God of His promises.
  • God’s promises are so certain that they can give us joy and peace even before they fulfilled.
  • God’s chosen Messiah and King – Jesus – has already come the first time and will come the second time.
  • We should be looking forward and waiting eagerly for His return.
  • We should be busy sharing the gospel with boldness before He comes.

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