Running from God – Hosea 7

The nation of Israel was carrying on as if there was no God. They were doing their own thing, living their own life, making their own decisions, and trying to get ahead without any thought for God and His Word. Hosea 7 shows us how God views them and their actions. It also teaches us how God views us when we live our lives in the same way.

  • v.1 Though God wanted to heal them and help them, He could not because of their sin.
  • v.2 They failed to consider in their hearts that God remembers all wickedness.
  • v.2 They were surrounded by their own doings. Sin can be defined as going our own way, and sin brings bondage and death.
  • v.3 The leaders of the nation enjoyed the sins of the people as well.
  • v.4-7 Their sin like a smouldering fire would flame up and destroy them.
  • v.7 None of them called out unto the Lord.
  • v.8-9 They became mixed among the people, half-baked, weakened and unaware.
  • v.10 Despite all of this, they pridefully refused to return to the Lord and seek HIm.
  • v.11-13 They were like a silly bird, looking everywhere for help but really running from God. Instead of finding safety in their own plans, they would be destroyed.
  • v.14-16 They knew they were in troubled, but they still would not return to God. God has blessed them and been good to them, but they continued to run from Him. As a result, they would fall.

The behaviour of Israel reminds me of mankind today. Men love their sin. Men think they can do their own thing. They ignore all of God’s blessings and grace. They want to live life on their own terms. Even when things go bad for them, they refuse to turn to the Lord.

Don’t make the same mistakes. Recognise who God is and humble yourself before Him. Seek Him and find freedom. If you run from Him, you will find only bondage and destruction.

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