Saving the Undeserving – Ps 106

In contrast with Psalm 105, which describes the mighty works of God, Psalm 106 catalogues the many failures of Israel. The author’s purpose was to acknowledge that he and others in the nation had sinned in similar ways and to request that the Lord would rescue them like He did in the past.

It really is sad to read how Israel…

  • Did not remember or understand all the great things God did for them (v.7).
  • Soon forgot the works of the Lord (v.13).
  • Were not content with God’s provision and wanted things that were not good for them (v.15).
  • Made idols and worshipped them, forgetting God their Saviour (v.20-21).
  • Despised the promised land and did not believe God could lead them in (v.24).
  • Mixed in with the heathen and learned their works (v.36).

It is amazing to realise that despite such great failures, the Lord…

  • Saved them for His name’s sake to make known His mighty power (v.8).
  • Spared them at Moses’ request even though they deserved destruction (v.23).
  • Saw the courage of Phinehas and counted it for righteousness (v.30-31).
  • Continued to deliver them time and again despite how many times they provoked His to anger (v.43).
  • Saw their self-induced afflictions, heard their cries, remembered His covenant with them, and made them to be pitied even when in captivity. (v.44-45).

Because of God’s grace and goodness to them, no matter how many times they failed the Lord, the Psalmist prayed for present-day salvation so that they could once again thank and praise the Lord.

In many ways, we are like the Israelites, continually failing and forgetting the Lord, yet repeatedly being delivered by the Lord. May these reminders of His grace and goodness cause us to cry out for more mercy and teach us not to stray from the Lord.

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