Seek the Lord and Live – Amos 5

National destruction was now imminent. There was no doubt Israel was going to fall. They would be carried into captivity (v.27) and most of their warriors would fall (v.3). As a result, God tells Amos to sin a funeral song (a lament) for Israel who will soon pass on as a nation.

Despite a fatal future for the nation, God still offers to individuals a chance to be saved. He says four times in verses 4-15, “Seek me (and live)!” Though their nation was going to perish they could be saved.

The way they were to seek the Lord was to:

  1. look to the Lord in real faith (v.4),
  2. stop seeking and looking to other false gods (v.5)
  3. seek the Lord as He really is, the all-powerful God who gives life and extends mercy (v.6-11), and
  4. show genuine faith by turning from sin and turning to good works (v.12-15).

The whole world as we know it will perish one day. All nations who forget God will be turned into hell. Yet, God promises to save those who seek Him. Have you sought the Lord? If so, you can be assured of life! If not, then you can be assured of death! Will you seek the Lord today?

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