Yet Have Ye Not Returned – Amos 4

It’s amazing how stubborn people can be. Sometimes, no amount of reason or truth will change our minds. This was the situation in Amos 4.

The chapter is initially addressed to the wealthy, pampered women of Israel, who had grown prosperous through their husbands’ corrupt and oppressive dealings (v.1-3). Their judgment is clear and their religion is renounced (v.4-5).

These people refused to return to God, no matter how many things God did to chasten them and to humble them (v.6-11). Despite bringing famine, drought, plagues, disease, and war, they refused to return to the Lord.

So, they would meet their God as their Judge (v.12-13). Like storm cloud rumbling and brewing over the mountains, God said he was coming to judge them.

What does it take to break us and humble us? Do we hold out until the very end, when it’s too late? Or do we listen to the Word of God with a tender and humble heart? What will it take for us to return to the Lord?

God is looking for those who tremble at His Word. “…But to this man will I look, Even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, And trembleth at my word.” (Isaiah 66:2)

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