Stop Looking to Others – Isa 30-31

‘Desperate times call for desperate measures!’ This was the attitude in Judah for some of the people. As the Assyrian threat came closer and closer, they felt their only hope was to go to their old enemy Egypt for help.

But God was strongly against this. He wanted them to look to Him rather than their own plans and schemes. And He wants us to look to Him as well, yet so often we look to other sources of comfort, help, and deliverance.

  • v.1 It was an act of rebellion and sin for them to look to Egypt.
  • v.3. The Egyptians could not help them and reliance on Egypt would only bring them shame. All their faith in them would be in vain (v.7).
  • v.8-11 Isaiah was to write the words of God down, so they would remember that they reject God’s Word and only want to hear what they wanted to hear (‘smooth words’).
  • v.12-16 Because they despised God’s Word and trusted in Egyptian horses, they would flee and be defeated.
  • v.18-26 God had a plan to save His people. When all hope was lost, He would gracious deliver them, like a lion undaunted by the shepherd (Isa 31).
  • v.27-33 God would destroy the enemy and burn them up.

As we consider the things we face, it is easy to look to other for help and deliverance. But only God is our Saviour and we should only look to Him. If we trust in anything else, we will be disappointed, ashamed, and destroyed.

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