Judgment, Then Blessing – Isa 32

God plan for Israel is a time of judgment (v.9-14) followed by a time of blessing. Due to their sin, He would bring chastisement on them as a nation.

After this, they will enjoy a time of great blessing and prosperity, filled with righteousness (v.1), kindness (v.2), understanding (v.3-4), and no evil (v.5-8). It will also be a time when there is peace, quietness, and safety (v.16-20).

This is referring to future end time events such as the tribulation and then the millennial reign of Christ on earth. It all kicks off with the coming of the spirit (v.15), though there is a long pause on God’s plan for Israel called the church age, which is where we are now.

What we can learn from this is:

  • Before the crown, there is a cross. Just like Christ modelled, we must die before we can live. And we must be prepared to suffer and to be chastened before we are blessed and rewarded.
  • God’s keeps His promises. Even when facing great destruction, God wanted to remind Israel that He would keep His promises. His ability to fulfil His promises to Israel encourages us to know that He will keep His promises to us.
  • Only in righteousness is there peace. When the righteous king (Jesus) reigns (v.1), then there will righteousness throughout the land. And this brings peace, quietness, and assurance to everyone. If we have not accepted the work of Christ on the cross which makes us righteous, we will never have true peace with God and with others.

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