The Glory of the Lord Departed – Eze 10

So far in Ezekiel’s vision, we have seen the hidden idolatry of the city of Jerusalem that has polluted all the people (Eze 8). We have seen the destruction that is appointed to all who are not repentant (Eze 9). And, now in Ezekiel 10, we read of God’s glory departing.

In dramatic fashion, God commands the man in linen to take coals (of judgment) and scatter them over the city. Then the glory of God mounts His chariot and leaves the city (v.18).

What a sad thing that the temple where the glory of God once dwelt is now empty! This is a real warning to us to stay away from idols and to not allow any other “gods” in our hearts.

Since Pentecost, all believers receive the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation (1 Cor 12:13), but that does not mean that we can’t grieve the Spirit of God (Eph 4:30) or quench Him (1 Thess 5:19) with our sin.

The temple lost God’s presence and would soon be destroyed just like Shiloh was. And how sad when there are churches, families, and countries that once knew the Lord and sought the Lord, but then turned their back on the Lord and, in a sense, “the glory departs”.

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