Rejoice – The Lord Reigns – Ps 97

The reign of the Lord on the earth is described in dramatic terms – clouds, darkness, fire, lightning, shaking of the earth. His reign over the earth should be a source of joy to the whole earth (v.1). He comes to reign in righteousness (v.2). He will burn up his enemies (v.3). All people will see and declare his righteousness and glory (v.5-6). He will be exalted above all gods (v.9).

As a result, those who love the Lord should hate evil. The Lord preserves the soul of his saints and delivers them out of the hand of the wicked (v.10). The Lord’s reign and the Lord’s return and the Lord’s righteousness should be a source of rejoicing and thanksgiving for God’s people (v.11-12).

As we ponder the power and glory of God and look forward to His return, let us ask ourselves:

  • Do we hate evil? (v.10)
  • Are we rejoicing and glad in the Lord? (v.1,12)
  • Do we long to see the Lord’s glory? (v.6)
  • Do we give thanks when we remember His holiness? (v.12)

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