The Lord’s Mercy Endures Forever – Ps 118

Great faith in someone required several things:

  1. Confidence that the one we are trusting is trustworthy.
  2. Trust that is built up through repeated acts of power and faithfulness.
  3. Help and faithfulness even in times of real difficulty and distress.

Psalm 118 shows us all these things. God’s mercy endures forever. He has never let those who trust in Him down. He has repeatedly delivered even when it looked like all was lost.

The faithfulness of God has been seen in His deliverance of the nation of Israel time and again and in our own lives. It was and will be dramatically seen in how the ‘stone that was rejected’ (Jesus) will become the ‘head of the corner’ (v.22). One day, the One the whole world has pushed to the side will be the King over all.

And, so we should:

  • Call upon the Lord in our distress (v.5).
  • Not be afraid of what man can do to us (v.6).
  • Trust in the Lord and not put confidence in men (v.8-9).
  • Let the Lord be our Saviour, strength, and song (v.10-14).
  • Praise the Lord and rejoice in Him (v.19-24).
  • Keep looking to the Lord for salvation (v.25-29).

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