The World to Come – Hebrews 2

For unto the angels hath he not put in subjection the world to come, whereof we speak.’ — Hebrews 2:5

Hebrews speaks much of ‘the world to come’. It has its focus on a new age when Christ will be brought into the world again (1:6) to rule and to reign (1:8). His reign will continue even after the heavens and earth are made new (1:11-12). The word ‘salvation’ in Hebrews 1:13 and 2:3 seem to be referring to future end-time deliverance when Christ returns to set up His kingdom.

With this in mind, we notice several things about ‘the world to come’ in Hebrews 2:

  • v.1-4 We should carefully listen to the word of the Son regarding the world to come. Those who reject the Son will not escape the judgment that will be a part of that world.
  • v.5-9 The world to come involves all things being put in subjection to Jesus who, though He was made lower than the angels for the suffering of death, will be crowned with glory and honour.
  • v.9-13 The death and glorification of Christ were for the benefit of all men. He wants all people to have a part in the world to come, in the glory of His coming kingdom. This is made possible by the fact that He tasted death for every man.
  • v.14-18 Our participation in His future glory was so important to Christ that He became one of us so that He could destroy the devil, deliver us from death, make reconciliation for our sins, and help us with our temptations.

These are amazing truths. They demonstrate amazing love and sacrifice. And they encourage us in times of suffering, doubt, and trouble.

There will be temptations and trials (2:18). We will be tempted to give up (2:1-3), but we can trust in our Captain (2:10,13). He suffered for us. He loves us and calls us brethren (2:10). He has already won the victory for us (2:14). We no longer need to be afraid (2:15). We can call out to Him for help (2:18).

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