Unbelievable – Isa 47

Unbelievable. An overused word, but one that accurately describes how people would have felt about God’s prophecy in Isaiah 47. No one would have found the fall of Babylon believable.

It was the maiden city, inpenetrable. Yet, God said the day would come that ‘she’ would be humbled and alone. Because of their violence to God’s people, their careless attitudes, their pride, and their trust in sorcery, God would bring them down. Nothing would stop God’s judgment.

In days of peace and prosperity, it is hard to imagine judgment. For most of us, we foolishly think that every day will be like the next, and life will continue as it always has. The return of Christ, the reign of Christ, and the judgment of Christ are…unebelievable.

But just as sure at judgment came on Babylon (now a fact of history), so God’s judgment will come on the world. And so we must prepare. We must get ready. God’s prophesies about the future are more certain than facts of history.

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