Not a Burden – Isa 46

In Isaiah 46, God is ‘taking the mick’ (ridiculing) the false gods of Babylon. These ‘gods’ are formed out of gold, fashioned by a man, then set somewhere from which they cannot move, hear, or save (v.5-7).

Every so often, they would be carried around on the backs of men, heavy and burdensome, weighing down those who carried them (v.1-2). In contrast, the God of Israel carried them from birth to death, providing for them and delivering them.

As God carried out the plans that He foretold, he wanted the hardhearted idol worshippers to realise that He is the true and the living God.

What God are you worshipping? A false god that only burdens you down with more guilt and fear? Or the true God who carries us from birth to life?

Let us worship and praise Him, and be thankful that for all He is and does.

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