Wait on the Lord – Is 33

What are we hoping for? What are we waiting on? What is the desire of our heart?

The answer to these questions should be – the Lord! The Lord Jesus Christ should the One we are looking to, waiting upon and expecting to deliver us.

But often, we look to other things, other plans and other things to fulfill us or to make us happy.

It was the same in Isaiah’s day. Some were looking to alliances with other nations. Others were looking to their own strength.

But they should have been looking to the Lord. And they should continue looking to the Lord. He delivered them from Assyrian, and He will deliver them from all their enemies in the future.

He will come and…

  • spoil the spoilers (v.1)
  • betray the traitors (v.1)
  • scatter their enemies (v.3)
  • fill the land with judgment, righteousness, wisdom, knowledge and salvation for those who fear Him (v.5-6)
  • burn up sinners (v.10-12)
  • bless the righteous (v.13-16)
  • establish Zion (Jerusalem) as a city of quietness, peace, glory and forgiveness (v.20-24)

So, our prayer should be…

  • ‘O Lord, be gracious unto us. We wait on thee. We look for Your arm in the morning and for Your salvation us in the time of trouble.’ (v.2)
  • ‘Lord, be exalted and dwell on high; fill the land with judgment and righteousness. We fear You and long for Your wisdom and knowledge and Your salvation that brings us strength.’ (v.5-6)
  • ‘Lord, You are our Judge, Our Lawgiver, Our King, Our Saviour; and we look to You to deliver us.’ (v.22)

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