When God Calls You – Eze 2

There are various “calls” in the Bible such as the call to salvation, the call to holiness, and the call to service. In Ezekiel 1-3, we have Ezekiel’s call and commissioning to be a prophet. There are some principles that we can learn that help all of us as we answer God’s call to serve Him.

The Spirit’s Help (v.1-2)

Ezekiel has just been overwhelmed by a dramatic vision of God’s throne and God’s chariot (Ezekiel 1). Now He is on his face, prostrate before the Lord. As the Lord begins to speak, he is commanded to stand up. In the face of such greatness, that was easier said than done. But notice that “the spirit entered into me when he spake unto me, and set me upon my feet.”

As God deals with us about serving Him, in whatever capacity, we can be assured that if we are saved, we will have the Holy Spirit’s help. He empowers us to witness for Him. He gifts us for service, and we can rely upon Him to help us do what we are physically unable to do!

The People’s Rebellion (v.3-4)

Another thing we can count on when it comes to ministering and witnessing to people is that their hearts are set on rebellion. We live in a fallen world filled with fallen people. They may not be a rebellious or stubborn as the nation of Israel, but they will have many similarities.

Every person who has ever served God and tried to point people to God has face frustration, rejection, and difficulty. We have to stop thinking that it is easy for some and hard for others. Serving the Lord and preaching the gospel to sinners is always hard, but God still wants us to do it. And God still uses the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe!

Our Tendency Toward Fear and Disobedience (v.5-6)

Such a challenging job as preaching to those who don’t want to hear and who will use words and looks to intimate us is not for the faint of heart. At times, it may fear like briers, thrones, and scorpions are all around, but God still wants us to obey, to go, to not be afraid, and to do what He asks us to do.

The fact that God often addresses man’s fears when commissioning him for service shows us that we are all bent toward fear and disobedience. Our natural inclination is to want to be rebellious ourselves (v.8) and not obey, but God commands us to not give in. If you feel afraid, if you want to run the other way, join the club; that is the way every human feels at the prospect of serving the Lord!

The Lord’s Expectations (v.7-10)

God then lays out His expectations for Ezekiel. His job is to: listen (v.1-2), go (v.3), speak God’s Word (v.4), and leave the results up to Him (v.5). He expected Ezekiel to not be afraid or intimidated (v.6) but to keep on speaking God’s Word (v.7). And then finally, God gave Him the Word to say (v.8-10). He was to open his mouth and eat what God had written.

It is very important to clarify what it means to serve the Lord. God expects us to do our part and leave the rest up to Him. We cannot change the heart of man. We cannot make people believe and hear. But we can make sure we are doing all that He has asked of us. We can make sure we are listening to the Lord, devouring His Word, then going and speaking His Word, and not allowing anything or anyone to intimidate us or cause us to back down.

What Is God Calling You To Do?

  • What is God “calling” you to do? What is He putting in your heart? If you are saved, then God has a work for you to do.
  • How have you become afraid? How have you allowed words, looks, and thoughts to cause you to disobey?
  • Remember what your job is. Focus on your responsibility. Do that with all your heart. Get in the Word, give the Word, and watch the Lord change hearts.

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