Who Shall Bring Me Down? – Obadiah 1

For many years, the Edomites (descendants of Esau) had exalted in their lofty position. The geography of their position made it almost impossible for any enemy to invade their land. Instead of cultivating gratitude, these natural blessings fostered pride. They got to the place that they felt that no one could bring them down (v.3).

Pride led to all sorts of sin as they lived life on their own terms. They treated their brothers in Israel with violence, watching as they were carried off and even rejoicing in their downfall, carrying away spoiled from Jerusalem after the invasion, and cutting off those who escaped (v.10-14).

They felt that no one would bring them down, but God said He would (v.4). God’s day of judgment was near (v.15). He would deliver Israel and punish all her enemies. The kingdom would be the Lord (v.16-21).

Sadly, we often fall into the same line of thinking as Obadiah. God blesses us and we get prideful. We start thinking we are invincible. We start imagining that no one can bring us down. This leads to all sorts of sin. And yet, just as God humbled the proud Edomites, He will humble our pride as well. May God forgive us of our pride and may we humble ourselves before it is too late.

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