Whose Voice Will We Listen To? – Jer 27

The biggest headline of Jeremiah’s day was: ‘Nebuchadnezzar conquers another city!’ Former enemies were rallying together to try to stop Bablyon’s advance (v.3).

But, God had chosen Bablyon for the time to subdue not only His rebellious people but many other nations as well (v.4-7). And, He wanted them to know that Bablyon may have looked out of control, but they were really under His control.

God told Jeremiah to fashion yokes and bonds and give them to the ambassadors of the surrounding nations who came to Jerusalem to consult with the king. He said that this is what will happen to those who resist Nebuchadnezzar. He told them to submit to His reign or be taken away into captivity. He also told them not to listen to the lies of their false prophets and messengers.

What a challenge that must have been. Everyone else except for Jeremiah was saying to resist, to stand up, and to fight. But Jeremiah was saying give in or be destroyed.

They had to choose between the popular voices of their favourite prophets or the lonely voice of God’s true prophet, a man whose message was always true but not what made them comfortable (v.9-11,14-18).

This is the choice we must make as well. Will we listen to the lies we like? Or the truth that hurts? Will we heed the clear warnings and instructions of the great God of heaven? Or will we listen to the many voices of men that sound good but are really wrong?

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