Wisdom is the Principal Thing – Prov 4

As a young king, Solomon had the amazing privilege to ask anything of the Lord (1 Kings 3:5-14). With such an open-ended offer before him, Solomon could have asked for riches, long life or victory over his enemies, yet he asked for wisdom – which was the wisest thing he could have asked for.

His awareness of his need for wisdom probably came from his father’s advice to him. In Proverbs 4:1-9, Solomon shares with his own children the advice his father gave him. David told Solomon that wisdom is the principal thing. Wisdom and understanding are the main things to seek after. The person who does will be promoted, honoured and blessed.

Something as important as wisdom must be carefully guarded and adhered to. Many wicked men will try to get us to go astray. Therefore, we should:

  • Carefully listen to wisdom (v.20).
  • Not let wisdom depart from our eyes and our heart (v.21-22)
  • Diligently guard our hearts from lies and foolishness (v.23)
  • Put away the mouth that speaks froward and perverse things – things that are not true (v.24)
  • Look straight ahead (v.25)
  • Ponder carefully the path of our feet to make sure we are walking in a wise way (v.26)
  • Not turn aside to the right hand or left, removing our feet from every evil way (v.27)

How much do we value wisdom? Are we carefully inclining our ears and eyes to wisdom? Do we guard against any thought, words, or actions that are not in accordance with wisdom? May God help us to seek after and follow the path of wisdom.

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