A Warning About Sexual Sin – Prov 5

As Solomon tries to instil wisdom in his son, one big area he addresses is that of sexual sin. Few sins are as attractive and seductive as sexual sin, yet few sins cause as much damage, pain and bitterness as well. Notice the contrast in Prov 5:3-4 between honey /oil and wormwood/two-edged sword. The path of sexual sin seems so sweet and smooth, but it ends in bitter pain. It takes a person right down to the steps of death and hell (v.5).

The advice Solomon gives about sexual sin is to:

  1. Listen to wisdom and to repeat the truth so that we don’t believe the lie (v.1-3).
  2. Consider the dark place where it will lead us (v.4-6).
  3. Stay well away from it; put some distance between ourselves and it (v.7-8).
  4. Realise how much it will cost us – honour, years of our life, wealth, labour, health, many regrets (v.9-15).
  5. Focus on enjoying our own marriage relationship if we have one (v.15-20). For the person who is not married for whatever reason, they should put their energy into their relationship with the Lord, serving Him with their whole heart (see also 1 Corinthians 7:8-40).
  6. Understand that the eyes of the Lord see everything that we do (v.21). Those who indulge in sexual sin ensnare themselves and will die without discipline, looking like fools (v.22-23).

How relevant this message is for today! Satan has led many people astray in this area. Sexual sin has ruined many lives. The good news for those who have gone astray in this way is that Christ can forgive, redeem, and set free.

In 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, we read that fornicators and other sinners were washed, sanctified and justified in the name of the lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. Though we will continue to reap the consequences of our sin in this life, there is ultimate forgiveness with the Lord. Where sin abounds, His grace does much more abound! (Romans 5:20).

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