Worldly Desires for Greatness – Luke 22

And there was also a strife among them, which of them should be accounted the greatest.” — Luke 22:24

It must have been embarrassing years later for the disciples to recall what was on their heart and mind the night before Jesus’s betrayal and crucifixion. Somehow word got out, probably through the disciples themselves, as they were the only ones at the meal other than Jesus.

We are told that they were arguing over which of them should be accounted the greatest! Of course, Jesus taught them again that their obsession with greatness was a pagan, heathen idea. People of the world worry about being great. Christ’s disciples are to be servants, just as He came to serve.

How foolish our desires for greatness will look in the future as well! Yet, like the disciples, we allow thoughts and strife over greatness to consume far too much of our time, our thoughts, and our energy. We carry on with such foolish talk even when Christ is calling us to pick our cross and go die with Him.

May God forgive us this waste of time and energy. May we see how worldly and carnal such thoughts are. And may we pick up our cross anew and afresh this day, so that we may go die with Jesus. 

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