Worse Than the Heathen – Jer 2

God was about to allow serious judgment to come on Judah. In this chapter, God explains why.

Israel had enjoyed a love relationship with the Lord, being His special chosen people. But then they turned their back on Him.

God says they were worse off than the heathen. At least the heathen people stayed faithful to their false gods. Israel had been unfaithful to the true God (v.11).

Leaving the Lord was like leaving a fountain of living water. Turning to idols was like turning to a broken, empty cistern (water reservoir).

I wonderful how faithful are we to the Lord? Do we give Him all of our love and loyalty?

Or do we look to other places for joy, help, and refreshment. Nothing and no one can ever satisfy. Only the Lord can.

May we stay faithful to the Lord. May we give Him the love and loyalty He deserves. And may we never mistakenly think that anything else can satisfy. It won’t!

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