You and God – Lam 3

This chapter takes on a very personal tone, as the writer expresses how God’s dealings with the nation affected him and others directly. We read of God’s chastening (v.1-18), God’s mercy (v.19-39), and man’s repentance and deliverance (v.40-66).

We need to realise that God wants a personal relationship with us. He wants to deal with us in a very intimate way. He does things to us directly to chasten us for sin, to bring about repentance, and to deliver and rescue.

God wants us to talk to Him, to call out to Him, to lift up our hearts to Him (v.41). Everything God does in our lives is because He loves us, even when He is chastening us (v.33).

So, what is God doing in your life today? What is He teaching you? How is He dealing with you personally? Will you and I respond personally? Will we acknowledge Him and draw close to Him? Or will we continue to remain distance and cold to Him?

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