Sin Destroys Everyone – Lam 2

War is no respecter of persons. It usually impacts all people, all ages, and all classes, especially those who are most helpless. When Babylon invaded Jerusalem, the old, the young, men, women, helpless infants were all killed in the fray. And God allowed it to happen, even caused it to happen, because of their sin.

This teaches us that sin and the consequences of sin are no respecter of persons. Everyone is impacted and destroyed by sin’s infectious poison. Around the world, all people, young and old, rich and poor, powerful and weak, are falling prey to sin’s fatal power.

No person should presume to be immune to the death that sin brings. Our only hope is the grace and mercy of God shown to us in Christ. Those who trust in Him will be spared, but those who persist in their sin and unrepentance will die.

Are you thinking you are the exception? Are you playing with sin and assuming you won’t get burnt? The wages of sin is death. But the gift of God is salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. Look to Jesus and be saved. He is your only hope.

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