November Update from Sam Quinn

Sam Quinn has been helping us here in the ministry since August 2010.  He has been a huge help and blessing.  He will be filling in for me when we return to the States on furlough from September 2012-June 2013.  Please be in prayer for him.  God is using him in a great way, and he is such a blessing to us.  Because he is staying on longer than expected, he needs to raise at least another $500 per month support.  Would you please pray about supporting him?  If you would like to support him with a one-time offering or regular monthly support, please let me know and I will tell you how to do that.  Below is his November update.

Dear friends and supporters,

About a year and two months ago, Bro. Travis Snode and I met a young man by the name of Lee. We had been asked to go and see him and his girlfriend because they were having a hard time. From there we began doing lessons with Lee, and he had many questions. For a while we lost contact with Lee, but then at the beginning of September he sent Bro. Snode a text and we met with him again. In the next month, Lee was saved, began studying in our Bible Institute, and as of this past Sunday was baptized into the church as a member. It is a tremendous blessing to watch and to help him grow in the Lord. Lee has moved in with me so that’s taking a little adjusting on both our parts, but please pray that I can be as much an encouragement to him as he is to me.

I also had a blessing in a request that Bro. Snode has made of me. He is planning on taking a furlough from September, 2012 through June, 2013 and has asked me to stay on at the church here as a help and like an Assistant Pastor. I feel overwhelmed at the opportunity and the blessing in education and experience.  I have two request in regards to this: 1. I am in need of your prayers and supplications before the Lord. To be honest I have never been more nervous in my life, but I know that the Lord has grace sufficient for this work. 2. I am in need of you financial support. I know no one likes to talk about money, least of all me, but I would prefer to be no burden to Bro. Snode while he is in the States on furlough; so I ask that you pray and consider what the Lord would have you do in regards to this.

Prayer Request:
Christmas Outreach
Youth Winter Retreat 28-30 December
The Snode Family
The Northwest Baptist Church

Thank you and God bless you all,

Samuel Quinn

John 7:18

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