Does London Need More Churches?

I wrote the following article for a website that I contribute to called, but I felt it would be appropriate to share on here.  The largest urban area in the United Kingdom is London. Apart from being one of the most famous cities in the world, it is also one of the most diverse […]

February 2017 Prayer Letter – Not a Christian Country!

“This is not a Christian country!” Those were the words an experienced English pastor told me last week while eating lunch with him and another church-planter. So many people have this idea of “the old country” filled with churches and preachers like Spurgeon and Wesley. Following the suffering of the second world war, many British […]

Opportunity to Support a Missionary from Britain

We are very blessed to have serving with us right now a young lady from Northern Ireland named Hannah Neilly. She is currently training and raising support to be an overseas missionary assisting with evangelism, discipleship and church planting. She will serve wherever the Lord opens the doors, but she has a real heart for […]

Spurgeon’s Place of Birth and Place of New Birth

This past Tuesday, Jeff Bryan and I travelled up to Colchester to look at some chairs we may buy for the church. While there, we were able to stop off and see the church where Charles Spurgeon was converted and the house where He was born in Kelvedon. Spurgeon at the time of his conversation was 16 years […]

Update: New Church Plant in Downham

This past Tuesday was our final Bible study in Eltham. Thank you for praying for the outreach in that area. We started the Bible study in Eltham because of the need and to see what kind of interest there might be in the gospel and possibly for a new church plant.  Though we did have some opportunities […]

Repost: How God Revives a Dying Church

I found this article by Carey Schmidt very helpful. “Reviving dying churches,” “replanting churches,” “rescuing churches,” whatever you want to call it, is a real issue in places where churches used to be strong but are now growing weaker. The United Kingdom is certainly a place like that. We believe strongly in church-planting, but we […]

Understanding Housing Schemes in the UK

I found this video by Mez McConnell about “Just What Exactly is a Scheme Anyway?” very helpful. Mez is a church-planter in Scotland. I enjoy reading his blog and following what he is doing there. This video helps to explain the nature of housing “schemes” in Scotland and “council estates” in England. If we are […]

Snode Prayer Letter – June 4, 2014

Dear Pastors & Praying Friends, One of the first steps to planting a new church is evangelism. For the last five weeks, we have been doing extensive evangelism in the town of Eltham, seeing if God might work in hearts and help us to establish a new church there. Eltham is part of the Royal Borough […]

Travis Snode Prayer Letter – April 1, 2014

Dear Pastors & Praying Friends, After eighteen months of transition (from Northern Ireland to the USA, back to Northern Ireland, and then on to London), we feel like we can now finally settle down. Just two weeks ago, we moved into another home in southeast London. Our new address is 47 Felhampton Road, London, SE9 […]

Snode Ministry Update – Mar 17, 2014

We are thankful to report that we are moving into our new home this week. Our new address will be 47 Felhampton Rd, London, SE9 3NT. We are excited about the home that God has given us to rent, and we believe it will be in a better location for us to minister anywhere in […]