Spurgeon’s Place of Birth and Place of New Birth


This past Tuesday, Jeff Bryan and I travelled up to Colchester to look at some chairs we may buy for the church. While there, we were able to stop off and see the church where Charles Spurgeon was converted and the house where He was born in Kelvedon.

Spurgeon at the time of his conversation was 16 years of age. He was under great conviction of his sin but despaired of being rescued. That Sunday in the church on Artillery Street, the usual preacher could not attend. A layman stood up to speak. His message was unimpressive by the usual standards, but God used it to show this young man that God wanted to save him. Spurgeon believed and as they say the rest is history.

It is so encouraging to consider the work that God will do through His Word to save lost sinners. And it is also exciting to think about what God can do through the life of one person who may be attending our church this Sunday or with whom we may share the gospel this week. May we preach the Word and share the gospel with great boldness, knowing that it is through “the foolishness of preaching” that God saves the lost.

You can read more about Spurgeon’s conversion here.

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