$7500 More Promised! – Day 10 of 31 Days of Prayer for Northwest Baptist Building Fund

I know that many of you were so disappointed to not receive an update from me yesterday! But I am back today! (Thanks for reading and praying, and I apologise for the deluge of updates. I promise that my updates will be less frequently after this month.)

But I have some very good news! Another $7500 has been committed to the building fund over the next few months! So that brings the amount donated up to $24,159 and amount lacking down to $50,841! Praise God!

In other news, here are just a few of the things happening in our ministry:

  • Sunday night, we had our second Deacons in Training meeting. A man in our church and I had a good time planning for a children’s church that he hopes to start in a few weeks. This will take place in another room in our building that is used by another group but has recently become available.
  • We also had our monthly Question and Answer session as well with about 45 minutes of various questions from the church. This was copied (like many things we do) from our home church, and our people really seem to be enjoying it.
  • A young lady talked to us on Sunday night about getting more involved in the church. She has been studying at a Bible college several hours away, but wants to study by extension and do her practical training in our church starting in September.
  • Another man in our church has been getting more involved in helping with the greeting and stewarding ministry, which is a real blessing.
  • We have a missionary friend to Egypt with us right now. He preached last night in Chelsea. Tonight he will speak at our church, and then Friday through Sunday for Brimpton Baptist Church.

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