Encouragement from Emmanuel Baptist Church – Day 11 of 31 Days of Prayer for Northwest Baptist Building Fund

I woke up this morning to two encouragements.

First, a friend gave a further $100 to the building fund!

Second, I received the following letter from Emmanuel Baptist Church, one of our supporting churches in Pennsylvania.

Children from Emmanuel Baptist (the boy and girl 3rd and 4th from left are my niece and nephew)

Hi Snode family!

Greetings from Williamsport, Pennsylvania! Yes, this is the home of little league baseball, but far more importantly, this is the home of Emmanuel Baptist Church! Last night at our midweek service our children’s church had a special missionary story.

It was about a family who started a church in Ireland, kind of like Patrick did about 1500 years ago (and we have a holiday for him next week that even Americans celebrate). The children were told about the challenges you faced in getting the church started, especially about finding the best place to meet.

They heard the amazing story of how God led James Wilson to be a help to your ministry, at just the right time! The children looked at several pictures of your family and got reacquainted with your brother Nathan’s kids, who just happened to be visiting this week.

Lastly, they heard about the need of Northwest Baptist Church to buy a building of their own. I just wanted you to know that we prayed for this request last night and are looking forward to hearing how God will supply the funds.

Thanks for being our missionaries to the United Kingdom. I’m praying that God will call one of these young ones to do likewise.

Thank you all of your continued prayers. God is very good.

We would also appreciate prayers as we get the keys to our new house and starting moving in today. Thank you.

Building Fund Update
$75,000 Needed
$24,259 Donated
$50,741 Remaining

More information can be found here.

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