A Big Thanks to Carie Cuneio


After staying with us for two months, we took Carie Cuneio back to the airport today.  Carie is from Forrest Hills Baptist Church and is a third-year student at Champion Baptist College.  Carie came with her church on a missions trip last year and was a huge blessing helping out with our Summer Celebration 4 Kids.  It was great that she was able to come back this summer for a longer stay.

While she was here, Carie was a huge blessing helping out with so many things.  She was a big help to Teri especially with the kids and with the responsibilities that she has.  She also helped out with the ministries at the church, working with the kids, the teenagers, the teen camp, and the Summer Celebration 4 Kids.  She also helped us with various projects like the church website and sheet music preparation.  She really was an great example of Christlikeness and service during her time here.  Teri and I want to say a big “Thanks” to her.

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